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  1. Windshield Repair at Murphy’s in Beavercreek
  2. Why do my brakes squeak?
  3. Want a free oil change?
  4. VW woes
  5. Vehicle Safety at Murphy’s Autocare
  6. Vehicle Need Engine Replacement?
  7. Vehicle Ball Joint Failure
  8. Timing Belt and Water Pump Service at Murphy’s
  9. Time to Replace Brake Rotors & Calipers?
  10. Thoma Auto Body Detailing Goodwill Auto Auction Gems!
  11. SMART Columbus Ride and Drive Tesla X
  12. Shock and Strut Sale in Beavercreek
  13. Experiencing Power Steering Issues with Your Vehicle?
  14. Payment Options for Affordable Auto Service
  15. Our Newest Team Member
  16. Noises coming from your vehicle?
  17. New Service Manager
  18. NEW Micro Lab Oil Test Coming to Murphy’s Autocare
  19. New Master Certified Technician- Bo Jones
  20. Murphy’s Welcomes Newest Team Member!
  21. Murphy’s Team Picnic
  22. Murphy’s Rated ATI Top Shop 2017
  23. Murphy’s Autocare Restores Goodwill Vehicles!
  24. Murphy’s Autocare of Beavercreek Expands to New Location in Centerville
  25. Looking for Motorhome Service and Repair?
  26. KYB Shock & Strut Sale at Murphy’s Autocare
  27. So how much will it cost to repair my car
  28. Honda Timing Belt Service
  29. Get Your Free Dayton Auto Show Tickets from Murphy’s Autocare
  30. Every Wednesday is Ultimate Wednesday at Murphy’s Autocare!
  31. Evaporator Replacement Ford F-150
  32. Do You Have Water in Your Engine?
  33. Dayton’s Only On-site Oil Analyzer
  34. Confused Ford, muddled Mercury
  35. Car Air Conditioning Repair at Murphy’s Autocare
  36. Car Care Clinic
  37. Car Air Conditioning Service
  38. Buying your child a car
  39. BMW hot seat (or not)
  40. BG MOA Additive Test 4
  41. Beavercreek High School Career Fair
  42. Battery Cable Replacement Murphy’s Autocare
  43. April is National Car Care Month
  44. 2006 Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Service
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