Honda Timing Belt Service

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Honda Timing Belt Service

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On Honda cars and trucks the timing belt service should be performed as suggested by the owners manual. But the Honda timing belt service, generally speaking should be performed between 90k to 110k or 8 years inside of the service cycle. Honda uses a timing chain on all models starting from 2008 and newer with 4 cylinder engines all v6 models still use a timing belt. Assuming you've kept your Honda tuned up with regularly schedule oil changes the timing chains usually last the life of the engine.

If you didn't know, a timing belt is used to keep the engine crankshaft and camshaft in proper time to maintain engine performance and low emission production and consistent fuel mileage. All Honda engines are interference engines and therefore must have the Honda timing belt service and replaced to prevent major engine damage from the valves and pistons colliding in the event of a belt failure.

Typically a Honda timing belt service should include:

  • timing belt
  • balance shaft belt
  • water pump
  • various belt tensioners
  • engine seals
  • possibly engine drive belts
  • engine coolant
  • various misc. parts.

The Honda Timing belt service costs can range from $500 to $1500+, depending on your Honda's car or trucks specific needs and conditions.  Make sure to be wary of a low price quote, many of the necessary parts are not obvious until the engine has been disassembled — but you can avoid all of that by scheduling your appointment today with Murphy's Autocare's Honda Certified technicians and  the number 1 best alternative to the dealership in Beavercreek and Dayton Ohio!

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