Car Air Conditioning Service

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It's that time of year to start thinking about having your car air conditioning service.

A few fun facts about your car's air conditioning system:

  • The Air Conditioning system is designed to control the passenger compartment temperature based on the desired passenger temperature input via the dashboard HVAC control panel. On Hybrid vehicles the system must also maintain a constant cool temperature on the hybrid's battery pack.
  • System components include: Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, System Drier, Line set, Refrigerant, Refrigerant flow control unit, Cooling fan and control processor, Plenum, Cabin Air filter, Dash HVAC control and processor.
  • Most failures are caused by slow leaks in the refrigeration side of the system which allows vital system oil to escape, causing higher than normal operating temps and leads to compressor failure that contaminates the rest of the system.
  • Simple system maintenance include replacing the cabin air filter annually to insure proper Evaporator air flow, cleaning the Condenser of debris and straightening the cooling fins, Performance testing the system for proper operating pressure and temperature as well as passenger air flow control.
  • Topping off the refrigerant is not a recommended procedure and should never be attempted as system damage can result and personal injury can occur.
  • A/C system additives and sealers are not recommended as they restrict the system operation and destroy compressors leading to a very expensive repair.
  • Annual system inspection at Murphy’s Autocare by ASE certified mechanics will prevent expensive system failures and insure years of trouble free Air Conditioning system operation.