Why do my brakes squeak?

Why do my brakes squeak? featured image
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“Why do my Brakes Squeak?”

Brake Squeak and Brake Squeal are a very common motorist concern. Brake Squeak or Brake Squeal can be caused by several different problems ranging from a minor issue to a potentially dangerous condition. The best course of action is to have a complete Brake System Inspection performed by a Certified Mechanic. If you are experiencing any of these issues, come see us at  Murphy's Autocare in Beavercreek!

October is Brakes for Breasts month at Murphy's Autocare in Beavercreek! During the month of October, get free pads or brake shoes with any complete brake service. Call us 426-2886 to schedule your appointment and support breast cancer research with the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Foundation.