So how much will it cost to repair my car

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So How much will it cost to repair my car?

So how much will it cost to repair my car, this is the number one question most people have when their vehicle needs repair or maintenance. Understandably it is concerning and most breakdowns are unexpected which means it can have a serious impact on the budget. So what usually happens is most people start calling local repair shops for quotes on what they think is the problem or the needed repair. This is where the problem starts. Due to the complexity of the modern automobile it is extremely difficult to give an accurate quote for repairs on a vehicle that the technician hasn’t had the opportunity to test and diagnose correctly. What usually happens is the vehicle owner calls around until they hear a price that they feel fits their budget. So lets recap, our car is broken, we are looking for a great price for a repair that is totally uncertain, from a shop who hasn’t seen the car and is willing to guess. This is the recipe for a bad experience for both parties.

So lets go back and answer the original question. Pricing for repairs will vary based on the vehicle. As an example, all vehicles have brake pads and rotors, but due to the application of the vehicle the parts can vary dramatically. A full size vehicle will have much larger brake pads and rotors than a compact vehicle and there are various levels of quality and durability that increase the options even further.  In order to get an accurate price the professional repair provider will need to see the vehicle to perform a digital inspection of the entire vehicle so that a complete estimate of all current and future needs can be assessed and presented to the owner. It’s always easier to make an educated decision when you have all the information and all your questions have been answered. Getting a quick phone quote might seem like a good idea but in the end may be very disappointing.

The best solution is to establish a relationship with a full service automotive repair business before you need one.  

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