Do You Have Water in Your Engine?

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Do You Have Water in Your Engine?
Is it a car or a submarine? Unfortunately, the driver of this car didn't see the high-water after last week’s torrential downpours that left many area roads flooded, and drove right into the surge until the engine stopped. The engine ingested the water thru the air cleaner intake assembly resulting in a condition called hydro lock. Consequently, this can destroy any vehicle engine, but this motorist got very lucky!

The technicians at Murphy’s Autocare in Beavercreek removed the spark plugs quickly and cranked the engine to pump the water out. The Technician then flushed the engine with BG chemicals and refilled with fresh oil. Finally, new spark plugs were installed and the engine survived what could have been an almost catastrophic end! This driver was back on the road in no time! Murphy's Autocare in Beavercreek is always up for a challenge, so we can keep you safe on the road ahead!