Mustang Sally

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What's the value of regular scheduled maintenance?

Ever wondered how long your car or truck would last with regular scheduled maintenance according to your owner's manual?

Meet “Mustang Sally”

This is an original 1971 Mustang Mach 1 that has never been restored and is owned by “Mustang Sally”. She is the original and only owner of this beautiful piece of engineering. It was a graduation gift from her father, who was a ford dealer in Missouri. As “Mustang Sally's” daily driver this is a prime example of regular scheduled maintenance.

It is an amazing example of a beautiful survivor and a true testament to regular scheduled maintenance.

There are several vehicle maintenance measures that you can take to keep your vehicle at its best. One of those is to make sure you schedule your car or truck for regular or factory schedule maintenance. Think of this as preventative care for your  car or truck and will keep you on the road for many miles to come in “Mustang Sally's” case decades.

For all the gearheads, the drive train is a 351 Cleveland pushing a 4 speed manual trans., it has factory air and a rare option of rear disc brakes.
By the way it's not for sale and never will be… so the owner says.