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Murphy's Autocare car repair – Article of the Week:

“The cause of carbon buildup can vary by vehicle make, as engine management systems can mitigate the carbon buildup in certain vehicles by something as simple as an ECU update. Essentially, carbon buildup occurs due to a combination of low quality fuel, short, frequent cold weather trips or positive crankcase ventilation which may leave an oily layer around the intake valve. These factors, in conjunction with the operating temperatures of the engine casing, lead to a buildup of carbon deposits.

Timing may also have an effect if the intake valve stays open long enough to be exposed to unburned fuel. Finally, the location of the GDI injectors in the cylinder head plays a significant role in carbon buildup because it does not allow for the fuel sprays to reach the back of the intake valve, making it difficult to keep the intake runners and valve clean.”

Being located and providing car repair in Beavercreek Ohio, we enjoy reading and stay ahead of curve when it comes to technical information regarding our customer's car repair services to keep our Technicians “current” so we can continue to provide the highest level customer service as possible. Over at they had a great article on – “Address carbon buildup in GDI-equipped vehicles”.  This article points out why carbon build up impacts your car's drivability, performance, emissions and fuel economy and why regular schedule maintenance is important to keep your vehicle on the word.

Murphy's Autocare is the gold standard in car repair services in the Beavercreek Ohio and the surrounding Dayton Ohio region. We take the highest level of pride in every car repair that comes through our doors. Whether you've got a transmission or battery issue or you need to schedule your next factory maintenance don't forget to schedule all your car repair services here with Murphy's Autocare here in Beavercreek Ohio!