A/C Evaporator Replacement

A/C Evaporator Replacement featured image

So your wife says she’s hot and you reply I know, that’s why I married you. And then she says I mean the A/C in the car doesn’t seem to be cooling like it should. So you take it in for service and the auto shop tells you the A/C refrigerant has all leaked out because the evaporator has failed. The estimate is a lot of money and you wonder why. These pictures show how much of the typical vehicle interior has to be removed to access the heating and cooling distribution box that houses the evaporator and related parts. As you can see all of the dash components are removed to the firewall, the evaporator box is removed and serviced on the bench and then the process is reversed. This service can easily take one to two days to complete. It requires a highly skilled

A/C tech to perform it with a high level of attention to detail. Murphy's Autocare A/C Evaporator Replacement services. Might be time to take a look and inspect your car or truck's HVAC system before summer.