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Dayton's Only On-site Oil Analysis for automotive and fleet vehicles

Murphy's Autocare is Dayton's only on-site oil analysis for automotive and fleet vehicles

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Murphy's Autocare is Dayton's only automotive service center to offer on-site oil analysis to its customers. We have been working with Spectro Scientific to bring on-site oil analysis by purchasing the MicroLab 30 – On-site Oil Analyzer.

MicroLab 30 is designed for fleets operating over-the-road vehicles or generator equipment. This analyzer best suited for companies interested in testing primarily engine oils to determine the serviceable life of the oil and the equipment condition. The MicroLab 30 analyzes six oil chemistry parameters along with viscosity to determine proper drain intervals. The standard 10 element version provides information on oil contamination and wear metal analysis to determine if mechanical issues exist. The MicroLab 30 can be upgraded to 20 elements if there is an interest to analyze oil additive levels as well as additional wear metals

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