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Winter Vehicle Prep Special

By Get to know Dave, In The Shop Why won’t my car heater get hot? There are a number of causes for a “No Heat” condition to occur. Low coolant level due to a leak, restriction in the heater core or radiator, or a faulty thermostat are among the most common. The video illustrates a restricted heater...
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Vehicle Need Engine Replacement?

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Is Your Vehicle in Need of an Engine Replacement? Murphy’s Autocare is a preferred service installation center for Jasper Engines & Transmissions.  For the last 20 years, Murphy’s Autocare has used Jasper Engine Products on our customer’s vehicles. In our latest episode of In the Shop, our owner, Dave Murphy discusses this 2011 Dodge…

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Noises coming from your vehicle?

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Noises coming from your vehicle? If you think you may have noises coming from your vehicle, check out our latest edition of In The Shop. In this episode, Dave Murphy shares wha’s going on with this Toyota Highlander. The vehicle has a rusted out catalytic converter, which is causing an exhaust…

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Why do my brakes squeak?

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“Why do my Brakes Squeak?” Brake Squeak and Brake Squeal are a very common motorist concern. Brake Squeak or Brake Squeal can be caused by several different problems ranging from a minor issue to a potentially dangerous condition. The best course of action is to have a complete Brake System…

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